June 10

I planted a lavendar angelonia and a white butterfly bush.

Now I need to think about the arrangement of the bed, because there is more empty space than I had anticipated (mostly due to me not planting some of the flowers precisely where I had intended). I think I may switch the water dish to the other side of the butterfly bush from where I had intended, which will make it more visible from the living room window anyway. That would leave room to plant another type of flower, maybe a cheap annual that I can yank up once the butterfly bush starts to spread and fill in the spaces that feel so empty now.

In other news, the hanging pots are a no-go for right now, because the ones I had been looking at won’t fit my railing. I did purchase a bit of hardware, though, a windchime.


June 6-8

On Saturday morning, my aunt suggested that we try an experiment by planting several hibiscus plants she had grown from seed in my front bed. We ended up planting six seedlings (she kept two to keep in pots in her yard as a control). Since this threw off the original plans I had for this bed, I made some changes to those plans.

On Sunday I planted a white angelonia and a red penta. Monday I placed a potted yellow lantana in the bed.

To come: a lavendar penta and a white butterfly bush; mulching; a hummingbird feeder and a water dish. I’m also thinking about hanging three pots from the rail behind the bed… I’m thinking pentunias, but I’ll see what annuals are looking nice by the time I get to that stage. Something trailing might be nice too, since it would draw the eye up while the plants are getting established.

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a nicely growing butterfly garden.

Scientific names and photos to come